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SAE CO., LTD – SMPS Amplifier-X Series

As a top product, with further improved CLASS H output circuitry, combining with specially launched switch mode power supply. The whole efficiency is over 76%t
Divided into five models with power respectively as 350W/650W/840W/1200W/1500W, which satisfies the requirements of most high-end application projects
Extremely high power density: amplifier with weight-16kg/height-2U/depth-17 " can provide max 7600W continuous output power;
Stably drive speakers with 8ohm,4ohm and 2ohm loading, meeting requirements for most application projects
Under full power output, there is very low harmonic distortion (THD = 0.01%) and the ideal frequency response performance (20 ~ 20kH)
Use audio-specific components and connectors from famous brands VIMA,TOSHIBA,NEUTRIK, ensuring higher reliability;
Adopt SMT, AI, ICT full-automatic production and testing technology to ensure the standardization of production and product consistency;
Have perfect and intelligent protection such as overpressure, over-current, short circuit, over-temperature, DC, VHF, clip limiter, so as to prevent damage caused by man-made and environmental factors

Applications Recommended:
Fixed installation project for large-scale indoor & outdoor mobile performance and large-scale venues;
Sound reinforcement systems for large-scale concerts, stadiums, conference centers, advanced entertainment, karaoke business clubs, etc.


  • Installed Sound
  • Live Production
  • Other Subjects
  • Post Production


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