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SAE CO., LTD – SMPS Amplifier-MAs Series

As a high-end product, with further improved CLASS H output circuitry, combining with specially launched switch mode power supply. The whole efficiency is over 76%t
Divided into five models with power respectively as 310W/450W/650W/850W/1200W, which satisfies most application requirements
Extremely high power density: amplifier with weight-14kg/height-2U/depth-17 " can provide max 6200W continuous output power;
Stably drive speakers with 8ohm, 4ohm and 2ohm loading, meeting application requirements from line array to ordinary linear array system
Under full power output, there is very low harmonic distortion (THD = 0.01%) and the ideal frequency response performance (20 ~ 20kHz);
Use audio-specific components and connectors, ensuring higher reliability;
Adopt SMT, AI, ICT full-automatic production and testing technology to ensure the standardization of production and product consistency;

Applications Recommended:
Fixed installation project, indoor & outdoor mobile performance


  • Broadcast
  • Installed Sound
  • Live Production
  • Multimedia & IT
  • Post Production
  • Studio Installation


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