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Waves System / I.D.AL – MicroPlayer interactive MP3 player

The MP3 Micro Player is a versatile player, specifically designed for installations where broadcast of sounds, music, sound effects or commentaries are required either in a pre-defined playback mode and/or interactive mode.

The MP3 files are stored on a SD memory card using any file manager software. A seven digit code, inserted in the file and directory names provides powerful playback automation. The 2x20W built in amplifier is sufficient for small and medium sized premises.

Playback of files can be triggered by activation of input contacts, receipt of a command from an infrared remote control or through the RS232 serial link.

The functions provided through the RS232 serial link widely open the scope of use of the Micro Player.
In Daisy Chain mod, commands are transmitted in the chain of players (up to 127) and each player can be addressed individually.
In Monitoring mode - Status data are sent to the serial out and Micro Player status can therefore be monitored by a controller.

When configured in low power mode, the consumption of the Micro Player is less than 1mA thus offering long autonomy when powered on battery, using solar energy for example.

The Micro Player is a flexible audio source which can be used as standalone unit, in integration projects or installation 19"racks thanks to its 1/3 rack format.

Some example of use:
In public places, broadcast messages such as warnings, practical information, directions, assistance.
Audio source for interactive kiosks and terminals
On machine tools, play alarm messages on defective status detection.
In theme parks, get talking animals to heckle passers-by.
Multilingual broadcast of audio scenes in up to 15 languages.
In museum, art galleries, get pictures, objects to talk and tell their story.
In fun fairs, rides, play sound effects.
Use one player per zone for varied background music programs in hotels, fitness centres...
Add sound to architectural models


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