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United-Minorities – Ginko

Ginko follows an old tried and tested concept, realized with state-of-the-art speakers in a modern and also timeless, acoustically functional cabinet. The Ginko is a One-Way-Speaker without a crossover network, enclosed in a sealed box. The advantages of this concept deeply meet the sonic needs and technical criteria of serious nearfield or surround monitoring. Thus, Ginko is not a temporary fad but a specialized tool that trades compromise for functionality.
We know that the eye listens, too!
The design is more or less a side effect of the construction, but all the better if a good tecnical design is also beautiful.


  • Broadcast
  • Live Production
  • Post Production
  • Recording


List price EUR 517.00 excl. VAT
Price range of typical configurations EUR 1034.00 to 2200.00 excl. VAT
Please refer to the official sales outlets for up-to-date prices.

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