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Rycote – Stereo Suspensions.

Stereo suspensions available to fit a wide variety of stereo pairs, single shank stereo microphones, and stereo capsule microphones. Improved components make handling and usage easier in difficult conditions.Range of accessories available including the Connbox and the MS/XY Cage. Stereo Windshields use the same materials as the Modular Windshield, but have an outside diameter of 145mm(5 3/4"). The length of the longest microphone used determines the length of the Windshield body. For Schoeps CCM, CMC, KC, Neumann KM100 and AK microphones we can provide the mono and stereo Extended Ballgag Windshield systems. The difference between Mono and Stereo is purely the diameter of the Windshield/Suspension. The Stereo Extended Ballgag system(half module bar) can either be used as MS stereo(standard) or XY/MS(opional). In both cases, when CCMs are used, a Connbox with Lemo connectors can be supplied.


  • Live Production
  • Recording


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