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Rycote – Baby Ballgag.

Specially designed and constructed to offer the wind attenuation properties of a full sized windshield in a much smaller package. It can be used with or without a Windjammer, to gain maximum protection against wind-noise.
Perfect for lightweight, low profile boom applications as well as for use in hand held operations and interviews; also for ORTF recording with Schoeps CCM microphones.
Constructed of the same high quality material as all full size Rycote windshields and fitted with a grommet that grips the microphone body. The microphone is pushed through the grommet to completely enclose the microphone capsule allowing the microphone to be hand held, supported by clamp or in conjunction with our Softie shockmount. In contrast to the Softie, the Baby Ballgag can take bulbous ended microphones (ie: Shure VP64).


  • Live Production
  • Recording


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