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Rycote – Lavalier Windjammers (Furries).

This Windjammer (Furry) is designed to be used on Lavalier microphones worn on the outside of clothing. The fur covering is manufactured so that the opening can be stretched to accomodate the microphone and fit snugly around the cable. To ensure a proper fit we have included internal removable foam inserts. The internal foam is designed to hold many popular Lavalier microphones and also to provide an air space required to make the windjammer more effective. The Furries come in three colours - Black, grey and white, with black being the standard colour supplied. The stickies are a disposable mounting system for personal(lavalier) microphones - anywhere. The stickies come supplied in packs, with 3 sheets of double-sided adhesive pads(10 pads per sheet - 30 pads total). The Rycote Undercovers/Overcovers are a disposable mounting and windshielding system for personal microphones. The Undercovers come supplied in packs, with 3 sheets of double sided adhesive pads (10 pads per sheet - 30 pads total) and 3 sheets of fabric (10 discs per sheet - 30 discs total), one sheet in each colour (white,grey and black). Overcovers come supplied in packs, with 3 sheets of double sided adhesive pads(10 per sheet - 30 pads total) and 6 x 25mm discs of fur(2 white, 2 grey and 2 black). Larger packs of the Undercovers/Overcovers are available with 100 pads in each.


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