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Rycote – S-Series Suspension and Windshield Kit.

The S-Series Suspension is a one piece web suspension element - no rubbers or elastic. A patented design gives ideal isolation for all axial microphones. The system is unaffected by temperature and all-but unbreakable. Suitable for microphones 19mm(3/4") to 25mm(1") in shaft diameter. Snap-in webs with six positions for perfect balance and fit. Matched, high flexibility microphone cable with twin clamps. Pinch-release fittings for webs and cable clamps for quick and easy repositioning. The structure of the S-Series is a Steel spine for core strength and rigidity. The central Chassis ring secures windshield pods and allows fast access to the microphone. The chassis ring can be demounted when only a suspension is required. All S-Series systems are supplied with our NEW pistol grip. The Windshield(windscreen) uses pairs of "Pods" which twist lock to the Chassis ring. All Pods are 100mm(4") diameter but come in four different lengths. Four kit sizes combine the Pods to house microphones from 200m(8") to a maximum of 410mm(16"). The acoustic fur covering(30mm staple) is integral and can give ^30dB windnoise suppression (100-500Hz). The Cable that comes in the kit is a balanced microphone twin with ultra-fine stranded copper cores(18 x 0.1mm) and a helical screen. 3mm soft PVC jacket for high flexibility even at low temperatures. Neutrik NC3 (XLR style) connectors with gold-finished pins.


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