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Rycote – Modular Windshield

The Modular Windshield has been designed to provide significant improvement in exterior wind attenuation(up to 25dB), whilst minimising the loss of higher frequencies.
Mono Windshields have an outside diameter 100mm(4"), and stereo windshields are 145mm(5 3/4"). In both types, the Modular Suspension holds the microphone(s) centrally within the basket. The microphone used determines the length of the Windshield. The body length of the windshield is calculated as Mic length + 50mm(2") to take account of the XLR connector. The Windshield is manufactured from flexible grey plastic netting tube with a screening material attached by special process, providing lightweight, strength and durability. Twist and turn locking end caps provide easy, rattle-free and secure fastening. The design of the rings is critical to the Modular Windshields design. In the Modular system there are male and female rings. This allows each end of the windshield to be opened, so permitting easy replacement of crushed end caps. The design also allows us to have extension sections - hence the "modular" system. Note: End caps are always made with female rings. A unique slide on/slide off system allows easy removal of the microphone and suspension. The asymmetric filler strip which connects the suspension to the Modular Windshield is jam-free and provides perfect alignment. The ring joints are self aligning, secure and tactile. They give a "click " to give a positive indication that they are fully locked. The rings are made from the same virtually unbreakable plastic as used in the clips on the Modular Suspension, a material called Hytrel.
All sizes of the Modular Windshield are available as a complete kit. The kit includes a Modular Suspension, Modular Windshield and Windjammer - all in one box. Common parts in the Windshield kit are: Modular Suspension(with pistol grip handle and 19/20mm mic clips). Suspension accessories: Boom adaptor, Hex head key, 21/22mm clips, 25mm Round moc clips, 25mm square mic clips, XLR holder, suspension bands and various spare parts.


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