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Rycote – Modular Suspension System (Mono).

The Modular Suspension combines all the successful elements of the 4-point suspension with a high precision modular frame resulting in a lightweight, effective suspension that will fit a wide range of microphones.
Equipped with both boom adaptor and a pistol grip handle and a range of clips and O-rings to provide a custom fit. The microphone clips supplied allow you to hold microphones with 19/20mm, 21/22mm, 24/25mm diameters and the Sennheiser MKH range too.
It is easy to customise the mount to accomodate different styles of use, including the use of foam gags, without obstruction.
Three standard mono versions, each with a different length bar (1-module, 2-module and 3-module) but with all other components shared.
The Mono Extended Ballgag is designed to be used with remote capsule or compact microphones, for example the Schoeps CCMs. The suspension only has one suspension hoop, and a 1/2 Module (45mm length) bar.
The suspension can be fitted as a mono suspension with a single microphone clip, or with double clips for MS stereo recording.
As an option, a Connbox can be fitted to the modular suspension to isolate and eradicate cable-borne noise. The Connbox acts as a transition connector and anchor point for the microphone tail.
Available in mono or stereo it has a flexible star-quad output cable that terminates in a 3 (or 5) pin XLR at the pistol grip. The input cable is an ultra-thin pluggable tail fitted with either a Lemo connector (Schoeps CCM) or an XLR socket. The cable needs no special dressing or positioning - just plug and go.


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