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Rycote – Softie

The Softie system provides a quick, simple, robust and cost effective windshield and shockmount for the tough environment of modern day ENG and location recording. The Softie Windshield is a slip on open cell foam, with an integral fur cover. The Softie will reduce wind noise and protect your mic, and is the standard world-wide in TV. Available in a large range of sizes to fit most popular microphones. The mount is simple but effective. The mount comes in 3 sizes, dependant on the diameter of your microphone.The attachment below the mount is then determined by the intended use, for example Pistol grip handle, CCA adaptor or the milti-mount v2 for use on a camcorder hot shoe. The Softie also comes in a camera mounted version. Internally, exactly the same as our standard Softie Windshield, the Camera-mounted Softie just has a shorter fur. The shorter fur allows the softie to be mounted close to the camera lens without causing unwanted shadows. The longest Softie Windshield we make has an internal bore of 32cm(12 1/2"). For longer microphones we would recommend a Full Windshield System.


  • Live Production
  • Recording


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