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Pearl Microphones – ELM-A Condenser microphone

Pearl ELM-A.

Pearl shows a new microphone in the”Linear” series ELM.
Earlier there are the ELM-B (figure of eight) and the ELM-C (cardioid).
This brand new model ELM-A fulfil the series A, B, C. The A-model is a designation for alternative patterns. The microphone has two separate outputs by a 5-term XLR connector.
Both outputs deliver independents cardioids, one from each membrane at the dual membrane capsule, i.e. “Back to Back” output or 180 stereo degrees.
Both sides can be used simultaneous independent of each other.
When the microphone is connected to two inputs at the console, all different patterns can be obtained by using pan pots and phase shift.
The extremely long and narrow ELM capsule have a length / with ratio of 7:1. At high frequencies the small width dimension makes for very good uniformity if directional patterns in the lateral sense, while usefully attenuating reflections from floor and ceilings-high frequency signals from above and below the ‘line of sight’ are almost of any use!
ELM-A is phantom powered and the transformerless preamp has a very low noise level.
This means that Pearl ELM-A can deliver a very accurate, uniform and consistent response pattern, with very flat response, low noise and useful attenuation of ‘nuisance’ reflections.
A red LED indicates that power is on.
The ELM-A is delivered in a strong aluminium case.


  • Live Production
  • Studio Installation


List price EUR 1900.00 excl. VAT
Please refer to the official sales outlets for up-to-date prices.

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