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Phonic Corporation – Sound Ambassador 75 Deluxe

The Sound Ambassador Deluxe is a totally mobile, self-contained sound system. The unit comes packed with a 10" speaker, built-in amplifier and rechargeable batteries, and can be customized to include anti-shock CD player, MP3 player, audio cassette player/recorder and up to two wireless UHF microphones. A pull-out luggage handle and wheels make travel easy, but retract when in use to become invisible. Other important features include XLR and 1/4" microphone inputs, and a line input channel with 1/4" and mini stereo jacks, all with individual volume controls. A Line Out channel with 1/4" phone and 1/8" mini stereo jacks enables two Sound Ambassadors to be linked together, as well as the effortless addition of external digital recording devices. Additional speakers can be added to share the power from the amplifier, or the built-in speaker can be turned off and power routed to external speakers. The unit is topped off with a 2-band system EQ, master volume control, built-in limiter, protection circuitry and tripod stand mount. All of these features combine to make the Sound Ambassador Deluxe a must-have for traveling presenters, small conferences, schools, classrooms, touring bands, clubs and karaoke. Features include:

- All-in-one portable sound system with retractable trolley and wheels
- 10" 2-way active speaker system (75 Watts @ 4 ohms)
- Optional UHF wireless microphones, CD player with anti-shock, MP3 recorder, and audio cassette recorder
- 100-240VAC switching power supply
- Built-in DC charging circuit
- 24VDC supply from two built-in, maintenance-free lead acid type rechargeable batteries
- 24-32VDC inlet for external power supply
- Slot for choice of two UHF PLL synthesized diversity or fixed frequency type wireless receiver modules
- Built-in diversity receiving antennas
- One XLR and one 1/4" phone jack for wired microphone input
- 1/4" phone jacks and mini-stereo jacks for line-level input and output
- Built-in limiter and protection circuitry to minimize distortion and overload
- Individual volume control for wired and wireless microphones
- Compatible with the Phonic S1 and S2 speaker mounts


  • Live Production
  • Other Subjects


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