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K8 Control Features Control Functions via K8 Power on/off, optional DSP all settings, thermal limiting, input current limiting, clip limiting, output voltage limiting, average output power limiting

XENON is the digital mixing console for those broadcasters preferring an economical digital stand-alone audio console solution.

The VADIS 212 is a multi-faceted audio router internally handling up to 256x256 I/O channels. Some of the features provided: Decentralized signal processing, routing and fibre optic audio networking.

The VADIS 888 is the ideal audio engine for complex and universal applications where a tremendous number of channels need to be routed and a comprehensive router system is required.

The Integrated Programmable Amplifier Module (I-PAM) is an essential component of KLOTZ DIGITALís Digital Speaker System (DSS)/VARIZONE VAB-Line. It is an amplifier connected directly to the speaker.

The new VAB1 Controller acts as a central router and control engine in one and is the core of the VARIZONE Voice Evacuation, Announcement and Background Music System.

Designed as a more modern version of previously released low frequency horns the H718 has an hyperbolic flare coupled to a high power 18" ND driver. Soon a 21" unit will be released.

The X15 allows different LF tuning frequencies, including sealed operation. The overall design is very compact and ergonomical. Also the coaxial design results in optimal phase response.

The largest quantity of Speaker cables (24 ways) added with 2 Audio Digital pairs.

Designed to meet increasing demand for multiple Ethernet lines in one cable, Link has developed the CVS LK 6CAT5, six x Cat5e Ethernet lines multi cable.

The Eurocable CVS LK2CAT6AD2 hybrid cable is a direct response to the need for CAT 6 drive snake connectivity and other applications where both CAT6 and balanced lines are required in one cable.

12/3 double shielded power cable, two AES individually jacketed and shielded audio pairs and two colour coded UTP ethernet lines wich feature Link's cross-spacer (CAT 6 style) construction.

The Link SPKAL series of self-powered cables is ideal for use on stage, delay out and main speaker systems or wherever self-powered loudspeaker are employed.

Designed for small to medium market television, radio production and small performance group mixing, the Artisan provides advanced routing, mixing and processing functions.

Designed for on-air Radio broadcasting, the Mosaic is a modular, flexible control surface for the Audio Engine router.

The TP1tp is a valve device dedicated for bringing together two facilities in one unit: It provides a high quality Mic preamp and D.I., suitable for any type of microphone or hi-Z source with the hi

The HD-1 is an active biamplified two-way system comprising an 8-inch cone driver and 1-inch soft dome tweeter in a vented cabinet.

GX Disc Publisher offers duplication, printing and publishing for your CDs and DVDs. It is best suited to small production requirements.

The M 930, M 940, M 950 studio condenser microphones combine modern large diaphragm capsule technology with the latest in semiconductor circuit topology.

The UM 900 is the first switchable pattern, tube condenser microphone that can be connected to industry standard 48 Volt phantom powering using a regular 3-pin XLR-microphone cable.

The UM92.1 S studio microphone features our classic M 7 capsule which is renowned for its sound quality. This pressure gradient transducer uses two large diameter gold-plated plastic diaphragms.

The DC-196 is one of the smallest large membrane microphones on the market. It has the latest version of Milab's rectangular capsule with crystal clear sound, low noise and variable pattern settings.

The LSR-3000 represents the top of the line of Milab's long heritage of condenser microphones for stage use. It is a superior vocal microphone that brings studio sound to the stage.

The HV-3R eight channel remote controllable microphone preamp employs the same HV-3 circuit found in their HV-3C and HV-3D units

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