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DPA Microphones – 3532-SP: 4041-SP Large Diaphragm Stereo Kit

The 3532-SP is a complete state-of-the-art A-B Stereo Kit with two 4041-SP microphones, carefully matched within 1dB on both frequency response, sensitivity and self-noise. It is the ultimate choice for the demanding engineer and audio purist who emphasises clarity, openness, precision, low self-noise and high sensitivity.

The kit is designed for a broad range of uses, like as main pair for classical, jazz and folk genres, grand pianos, guitars, overheads or close-miking drums, choirs, strings, wind instruments and much more. You get a bright and transparent sound quality with lots of headroom. With its on-axis soft boost, the 4041-SP omni microphone can be angled to use as a natural equalizer.

Besides the paired microphones, the briefcase contain a stereo boom, holders and windscreens.


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