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Omnidirectional Microphone, P48, Transformerless, unique natural clarity and true dynamic transient response, improved sensitivity and bass.

Cardioid Microphone, P48, famous in studios and PA/Rental all over the world as an exceptional detailed mic, handling incredibly high SPL.

Cardioid Microphone, 130 V, hi-voltage version of the renowned 4011, with an exceptional attention to detail, handling incredibly 168 dB SPL.

Wide Cardioid, P48, fill-in between omni and cardioid, excellent for piano, guitar and percussion or as spot mic for groups in an orchestra.

EdgeSounds Genevoice GM64Pro24 - 24-bit quality 64MB General Midi (GM) SoundFont bank.

EdgeSounds Genevoice GM64Pro16: 44MB General MIDI (GM) SoundFont bank.

The ultimate mastering tool.

Daisy Chain technology provides opportunity to add other 36 target units for simultaneous, mirror image DVD or CD duplication of 72, 108 or 144 or more at one time. System has 4 year warranty

Available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 or 11 target configurations.

FLEA49 microphone - pretty cool copy of famous M49

FLEA50 microphone - pretty cool copy of famous M50

Replaceable head for FLEA47 and U47.

Funktion One F81 compact loudspeaker features excellent bass definition and high vocal intelligibility and provides outstanding imaging detail and clarity from a surprisingly small package.

The F55 ultra-compact loudspeaker for applications requiring wide dispersion near field coverage. Utilises dual 5" drivers manufactured to Funktion One specification with no compression driver.

F221 highly tuned and efficient bass utilises two special Funktion One designed neodymium 21" drivers with double 6" voice coils and "Andrews" loading techniques. Available unpowered or self powe

Powerful functions, prolific expansibility and ultimate reliability do not necessarily rely on complicated operation. H-WIT PAC-822 Series is a perfect solution to end-users.

The H3-D is a portable 5.1 multi-channel surround sound microphone that is manufactured to automatically deliver 5.1 channels with no external mixing or signal manipulation required.

The SuperMINI adds instant, professional quality three-dimensional 5.1-channel surround sound to any video camera.

The H2-PRO utilizes the theories of head related transfer function (HRTF) to capture 7.1 channels of discrete surround-sound audio with enhanced low frequency effects (LFE) in a single unit.

The SP603 is a standalone MP3 player ; it plays back MP3 files stored on its internal HDD in the selected mode and can be programmed to allow fully automated broadcast of personnalized audio programs.

The advantages of the three-way system To authentically re-create the sound captured in a recording-particularly a recording of the human voice-an active three-way system was chosen.

Features Mid Sized 3-way System The most important part of the frequency spectrum is reproduced by a separate midrange driver Extremely low harmonic and intermodulation distortion

Application ideas Hotels and resorts can move the PAS 100 wireless speaker and microphone system around wherever needed for welcome receptions, corporate meetings, poolside events,

Precision designed with Mathematically Modelled Dispersion ™ the twelve three series provide exceptionally linear pattern control through crossover making the series perfect for critical applications.

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