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Barix – IP Audio Module 302

The IPAM 302 is a universal, standalone, IP Audio function block which can be easily embedded into OEM products. The module encodes and decodes IP Audio streams from/to analog sources (stereo). Supporting a large range of protocols and codecs the module can be used for both VoIP and IP paging as well as high quality music distribution and IP music streaming applications. Control I/O (one serial port, four digital inputs/outputs) allow the use with UI and control interfaces.

Various software packages for standard applications are available for download from the Barix website, optimized for encoding, audio distribution, paging and intercom, including a full featured SIP client. Custom software can easily be written, based on existing packages from Barix written in the ABCL language.

For hardware integration a development specification with schematic, pinout and suggestions for the layout of a custom carrier PCB is available. Barix Annuncicom60 and Instreamer are based on this module.

The IPAM302 is pin compatible with the Barix IP AUDIO MODULE 300 (decoder only), adding the full duplex capability on the same form factor and power supply.


• Commercial Audio Streaming Applications
• Digital Annunciator, Message Player, Message Repeater
• Generic, bidirectional full-duplex VoIP module for Paging and Intercom Applications
• Source Encoder for IP Audio Distribution Applications
• Background Music and Music-on-Hold encoder for VoIP Applications
• Low latency IP Audio Encoder for multichannel applications


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