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AVT Audio Video Technologies GmbH – MAGIC TH2plus Telephone Hybrid

No matter if you use analogue POTS lines, ISDN or IP, the MAGIC TH2plus Telephone Hybrid can be operated in each of these networks. It provides two POTS, one ISDN and one LAN interface for Voice-over-IP and can be used in all three operating modes as double hybrid. MAGIC TH2plus has two Audio interfaces which can be configured as analogue or digital Audio inputs/outputs. Both caller lines have their own Echo Canceller, an Expander and an Automatic Gain Control. To switch both callers to separate Pretalk lines, MAGIC TH2plus offers two Handset/Headset interfaces. In the POTS operating mode two analogue telephone can also be connected for Pretalk or dialling. The Windows PC Software for MAGIC TH2plus is included in the delivery. It provides a very user-friendly way to operate and configure the system with a PC over the LAN interface.
A special feature of MAGIC TH2plus is the Screening function which allows the user to enter caller information into a database. The stored information will be available immediately when an incoming call is received and the telephone number is transmitted. The entry of the caller information is done via a clearly structured screening mask. With the help of an additional software licence a second PC workplace e.g. for a separate screener location can be installed. Maximum three PC workplaces can access MAGIC TH2plus at the same time.
Additionally, MAGIC TH2plus can be also operated via the front keypad and illuminated display or via up to two external MAGIC TH2plus Keypads. Another control possibility are the four available TTL inputs/output and two relays contacts.
The MAGIC TH2plus RM system version offers the same functionalities as MAGIC TH2plus, however is implemented as 19“ unit with integrated power supply. Due to its coloured front keys MAGIC TH2plus RM can be operated even simpler and faster without using the Windows PC Software.


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