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Audient plc – Zen

Dual inputs provide the mic/line input stage and the DAW return path, offering a flexible system for connecting to a DAW or stand alone recorder. With individual DAW record outputs, mono and stereo buses, auxes, a sophisticated monitor section and an optional digital output interface, Zen allows simple audio connection to the rest of the production set-up.

Moving fader automation allows for integration with DAW software, providing precise, fully-featured automation of moving faders, mutes and transport control. Drawing on David Deardenís wealth of experience, Zen takes advantage of the computerís power for recording and processing whilst enjoying the sonic benefits and superior workflow of the analogue domain.

Key features of the mixing console include: 16 or 32 inputs, 2 inputs per channel, DAW record output on each channel, 2 stereo buses, 2 mono buses, 4 auxiliaries/2 cue sends, insert on each channel, stereo bus compressor, stereo digital out option, moving fader automation and DAW transport control.


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