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Barix – Instreamer 100

Barix Instreamer: Networked audio converter for
digital audio streaming in custom home installation and commercial applications

- Convert any analog or digital audio source, including tuners and CD players, into high-quality MP3 streams
- Create network-based, multi-zone distributed audio systems more cost effectively
- Control the device over the network via
automation software, standard web browsers, and/or IR remote control

The Barix Instreamerô is a versatile, network-enabled analog and digital audio-to-Ethernet converter which turns audio from any analog or digital device into high-quality MP3 streams.The audio is encoded in real-time, and the generated audio stream can be distributed, via an IP-based network or the Internet, to one or more receivers.
The device can be easily managed via a web browser interface using PCs, web pads, PDAs or other web-enabled devices.With serial and Ethernet control API's, open IP-standards, and the MP3 format, the device can also be integrated with other components, controlled by automation systems, or used with Barix's Exstreamer to create more flexible, cost-effective distributed audio systems.
Common Applications:
- Audio distribution in commercial buildings (hotels, airports, stations)
- Multi-room and multi-zone audio distribution for private homes
- Network-based extension to existing audio systems
- Live broadcasting via IP to remote locations
- Network enabling legacy digital and analog sources

Connecting the Barix Instreamer to audio equipment is made simple by offering stereo, RCA, analog, as well as S/PDIF and coax digital, inputs. Installing the Barix Instreamer is fast and simple due to its unique features
- SonicIPô and IPzatorô:The device announces its IP address over the audio output after power-up!
The Barix Instreamer supports various control and communication modes. Software developers can easily write audio applications using one of the well-documented Ethernet, serial, or web-based interfaces.


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