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AES67 live at NAB - MNA's biggest demo yet on booth N625

Apr 20, 2016

The Media Networking Alliance (MNA), the professional AV industry
alliance, charged with promoting awareness and adoption of AES67, is
showing its biggest ever live AES67 demo on its booth at the NAB Show.

Highlighting AES67 interoperability between networked components operating with RAVENNA, Dante and Livewire AoIP transports and featuring products from several new MNA member companies, interoperability is demonstrated among devices from ALC NetworX, ARG Electrodesign, Digigram, DirectOut, Focusrite, Genelec, Lawo, Meinberg, Merging Technologies, NTP Technology, Solid State Logic, Studer, Telos Systems Inc. and Yamaha; a total of 27 devices, making it the biggest MNA live AES67 demo yet.

Kevin Gross, Chair of the MNA Technical Work Group, says, we are demonstrating audio interoperability first and foremost, but we are also demonstrating interoperability of discovery and connection management. Dante Controller software and associated network protocols are being used to configure AES67 connections to and from Dante-based devices, while demonstration software from ALC NetworX bridges different discovery and connection management schemes supported by AES67.

"With these demos we're trying to make the point that AES67 is not some future holy grail for audio networking but an industry standard interoperability technology you can specify with confidence and use today."

Several member MNA companies are also presenting live AES67 demos on their booths:

ALC NetworX N1822
Digigram N3535
DirectOut GmbH Booth # C6648
Focusrite C9143
Genelec SL8024
Harman @ Studer - C2923
Harman @ SAM SL1805
Merging Technologies C1839
NTP Technologies C2939
The Telos Alliance N1934

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