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Driver update makes Tascam's Firewire card fit

Aug 16, 2010

Tascam have released new version 1.21 drivers for their Firewire
extension card known as IF-FW/DM MkII. The Macintosh driver now
supports not only 32-bit operating...

Tascam have released new version 1.21 drivers for their Firewire extension card known as IF-FW/DM MkII. The Macintosh driver now supports not only 32-bit operating systems but also the 64-bit variant of Mac OS X 10.6. Moreover, it reduces the CPU load in certain situations and offers improved MIDI timing accuracy.

The Windows driver, which was already suited for 32-bit as well as 64-bit systems with the last release, has also been improved further and is now also available in version 1.21.

The IF-FW/DM MkII expansion card provides a Firewire connection for Tascamís DM-3200 and DM-4800 Digital Mixing Consoles for broadband audio data exchange with a computer workstation.

Who says a powerful computer recording system needs to be complex to set up? The new IF-FW/DM MKII is the first 32-channel audio interface to use a single FireWire cable to get in and out of the computer. The card is compatible with TASCAMís DM-3200 and DM-4800 digital consoles, turning them into the ultimate front-end for computer workstation recording. The card supports resolutions up to 96 kHz/24 bit without changing the incredible 32-in/32-out channel count.

For recording engineers and musicians who are comfortable working on a mixing console, the DM-3200 and DM-4800 is the control center for their studio. The IF-FW FireWire Interface Card is integrated into the mixer, bypassing the need for expensive audio interfaces. They provide 32x32 audio and remote control over recording software like Logic Pro, Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar, and Digital Performer, adding transport, jog/shuttle, fader, panning, aux control and more. All of this control is a single button press away from normal mixer operations, making DAW software control simply another fader layer of these powerful consoles for seamless workflow.

The IF-FW/DM MKII combined with DM-3200/DM-4800 replaces thousands of dollars of computer audio interfaces with a simple, integrated solution. Your studio gets the editing and plug-in power that DAW systems deliver while keeping the flexibility and speed that recording consoles provide. Professional recording facilities know that using a mixing console with their DAW is often a more efficient, flexible and better-sounding solution than working with virtual mixers. Therefor, the 32-channel IF-FW/DM MKII FireWire Interface is the ultimate front end for serious computer-based recording studios.

Main Features

* 32-in and 32-out interface for computer workstation software
* Installs in DM-3200 and DM-4800 digital consoles
* Audio resolution up to 96 kHz/24 bit
* MIDI input and MIDI output for communication with sequencing software
* ASIO and WDM drivers for Windows XP, CoreAudio drivers for Mac OS X Compatible with most DAW workstation software, including Logic Pro, Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar, Digital Performer, Reason, Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro and many others

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