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DPA Microphones Show Their Versatility

Nov 01, 2018

The clarity and versatility of DPA’s microphone range made them the
ideal choice for Front of House sound engineer James Dunkley when he
was tasked with amplifying an unusual live concert – one that combined
a heavy metal band with a classically trained chamber ensemble.

The Norwegian band Satyricon had just completed two weeks of shows in South America when they appeared at Restasjonskonferansen, a conference of outstanding performances at the Oslo National Opera House. On stage with them were the Trondheimsolistene, a musical chamber ensemble of string players from Trondheim in Norway.

“What I really like about DPA microphones - and the reason why I use them almost exclusively – is their precision and high fidelity sound,” Dunkley says,” he says. “Since switching to DPA I use much less channel EQ because I never have to compensate for the microphones. They are also built like tanks, which is a good thing when you are working with rock drummers who are particularly heavy handed on stage. I’ve had one drum kit totally thrown off the riser this year and every DPA mic on the kit survived. From sweaty clubs to rainy festivals these mics just don’t fail.”

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