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MAAT Revealed

May 22, 2017

Digital audio company launches with ambitious plans for brand range of
products & services.

MAAT Incorporated, a manufacturer of exceptional fidelity professional audio solutions, today announced their formal introduction to the world market, and the launch of a new web site. Comprised of a core group of accomplished entrepreneurs, the company combines over 150 man–years of experience in professional audio production, analog and digital electrical engineering, digital signal processing (DSP), product development, artificial intelligence (AI) and global business management.

Friedemann Tischmeyer, MAAT’s Chief Executive Officer, is a world renowned mastering engineer and founder of the Mastering Academy, a mobile educational institution offering master classes for professional audio engineers and producers worldwide. His professional consultation clients range from Apple and Arri to Alan Parsons and the late Johnny Cash. In addition, Tischmeyer is a member of the European Broadcasting Union’s PLOUD group, their Project Group on Loudness, and is president of the Pleasurize Music Foundation (PMF) based in California.

Tischmeyer founded the company with the intent to set new benchmarks in sonic quality and usability. “Our team has been working in the pro and consumer audio industries for several decades, and we will use that experience to accelerate complex engineering workflows with our time tested designs,” Tischmeyer said. On the horizon are new technologies and delivery platforms that will transform the digital audio landscape, and Tischmeyer isn’t content to adapt to oncoming industry demands. He wants to meet them head on. By applying AI and heuristics to production inefficiencies and daily headaches, Tischmeyer envisions, “…offering solutions for emerging workflow bottlenecks. With considerable artificial intelligence knowledge within our team, we will also be focusing on applying that expertise starting next year.”

Not all of MAAT’s product lines will be novel and unfamiliar. A much loved product of the Pleasurize Music Foundation, the TT Dynamic Range Meter, was an early model for later audio loudness measurement products that sought to distill calculations into a single integer number. Moving forward, MAAT Inc. in collaboration with the PMF, will take over development and updating of the TT DR Meter plug–in and the companion TT DR Offline Meter software, so they continue to enhance today’s and tomorrow’s digital audio ecosystem.

Another partnership with deep roots is MAAT’s involvement with German DSP wizards Algorithmix, a company with 20 years of experience in crafting highly regarded and advanced professional audio products. As with the PMF, MAAT will modernize some of Algorithmix’s most popular products, starting with their Linear Phase parametric equalizers. Dr. Christoph M. Musialik, President of Algorithmix, joins analog design wizard Roger Schult as members of MAAT’s Advisory Board. Several MAAT products co–developed in coöperation with Schult are also planned.

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