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MidcoSN modernizes with Calrec Brio and RP1

Eric Vasgaard, MidcoSN Executive Producer and A1, getting to know the Calrec Brio

Aug 15, 2017

Calrec has signed Midco Sports Network (MidcoSN) as its first North
American customer for the all-new RP1 remote audio production system.

Working in tandem with a brand-new Brio audio console, this configuration will bring the cost savings and efficiencies of Centralized Production (CP) to MidcoSN, a regional broadcaster covering high school and college sports across the Midwest.

A division of triple-play provider Midco, MidcoSN offers live and local sports and award-winning original programming to Midco cable subscribers in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and soon into Lawrence, Kansas.

"Like many sports broadcasters, we're moving to the 'centralized production' model to reduce our costs and expand our scope of coverage," said Craig DeWit, production technology manager, MidcoSN. "We have an extra advantage since our parent company is an internet service provider and we can utilize the Midco IP fiber network.

"This new Calrec equipment will enable us to centralize key audio production tasks at our main studio. Our skilled A1 engineers can mix the shows from the studio rather than having to travel to the venues, and with those cost savings we'll be able to cover a greater number of sports events throughout our region."

MidcoSN worked with Calrec and its local reseller, AVI Systems, to install the RP1 and Brio system for a go-live date at the end of July — just in time for the fall football season. Installed in the network's brand-new Ford Transit 350 van, Lewis, the RP1 box will provide on-scene DSP for generating monitor mixes and IFBs with no latency.

Rather than having to deploy a second truck to each venue, some of which are at least a 9-hour drive from the main MidcoSN studio in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the network is sending all raw camera and audio feeds back to the studio over its IP-based fiber backbone.

"We did extensive research among audio technology providers, and the Brio-RP1 combination came out on top. Not only did Brio come in at a great price point, but it packs all the audio-mixing functionality we need in a small footprint," DeWit added. "RP1 offers exciting potential for us to move to the centralized production model."

The new Brio-RP1 deployment is the initial, proof-of-concept phase in MidcoSN's longer-term strategy to expand its remote production operation, with plans to add additional control rooms and OB vehicles. The goal is to continue expanding the number of events the network can cover and develop additional revenue streams without a commensurate increase in production costs.

"MidcoSN offers unrivaled local and regional sports coverage, and its broad and growing audience of fans stands to benefit even more through the network's strategy to expand its remote production capabilities," said Dave Lewty, regional sales manager, Calrec Audio. "MidcoSN's new partnership with Calrec places it squarely on the forefront of innovation in deploying remote production technologies and techniques."

Calrec Audio's RP1 in MidcoSN's new van, Lewis

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