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MPG - The Music Producers Guild (UK)

The Music Producers Guild (UK) represents the interests of all individuals employed within the talented UK sector concerning all production and recording professions and services.

The MPG is the dynamic, professional and creative member organisation that has a serious voice to Government and industry alike, as well as a wider technical and creative expertise to its members. As a vibrant group we are mainly concerned with the art of recording techniques and record making for all genres of music and media related activities in the UK. Collectively our memberships combined output and footprint of commercial recorded works is huge.

Additonally the MPG has very strong links to education and additonal cutting edge manufacturers of new technolgies who all help shape tomorrows standards and trends in todays sophisticated UK recording environment.

The independent MPG membership includes producers, engineers, mixers, re-mixers, programmers, film and multimedia individuals as well as students and trainees, (students are supported and encouraged with discounted rates).

The MPG is a fully inclusive representative organisation with an effective and transparent infrastructure in line with other music industry bodies, as a working industry group the MPG set and maintain the highest standards and values of our collective industry sectors, professions and services.

Who is it for and who can join?

The MPG is for everyone involved in the production of music and sound in all mediums and our membership includes student trainees through to working recording professionals.



Postal Address:
The Music Producers Guild UK Ltd
4 Wheelwrights Corner
GL6 0DB Gloucestershire 
United Kingdom

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