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Redlands Studios

Redlands Studios is a professional recording & rehearsal studio designed to give artists and bands a relaxed, creative and affordable place to work. Our Studio features Pro Tools HD, a Yamaha C7 and Hammond B3. Redlands Studios is a professional recording & rehearsal studio designed to give artists and bands a relaxed, creative and affordable place to work. Our combination of a solid compliment of recording equipment, great sounding rooms and experienced, friendly engineers, has consistently resulted in sessions that go smoothly and satisfied customers year after year; in other words, it’s a great place to make your music!
We’re located in south Miami-Dade County just north of SW 248th Street on 162nd Avenue, so we’re minutes from Miami Beach, Coconut Grove and the Florida Keys. We maintain an 1800-square foot facility on a private six-acre estate in the Redland. It’s a quiet, clean and safe area; you’ll feel secure leaving valuables in your car and walking out at night.
The building is divided into a state of the art ProTools HD/Logic recording studio, and an acoustically designed and well appointed rehearsal studio. A comfortable lounge and kitchen facilities are also available. We’re open 7-days each week, but require an appointment for all sessions, rehearsals and visitors.

Our recording studio features an incredible sounding 16x20 live room and a separate 6x9 sound proof isolation booth. In addition, we have a wide array of professional equipment that is complimentary to our clients. Most importantly, it's all set up in a relaxing, comfortable, acoustically designed environment.

96 audio tracks at up to 192 kHz using Pro Tools HD
Ability to track 32 channels simultaneously
Virtually unlimited number of Logic Pro/Symphony tracks
Recording to Mac Pro, 3 Gig, 8-Processor with 4 gigs of Ram
Macintosh 20" & 23" high-resolution Monitors

Yamaha NS10 and Mackie HR824 studio monitors with HRS120 Subwoofer
Yamaha 02R96 Mixing Console/control surface

Apogee Symphony System
Apogee AD-16x input conversion
Apogee DA-16x output conversion

Avalon VT 737 Preamp/Compressor
Avalon U5 DI
dbx 166A Compressor
Alesis 3630 Compressor/Gate
Vintech 473 Microphone Preamps (2 - eight channels total)
Universal Audio 2-610 preamp (two channels)
TL Audio Preamp (two channels)
API 3124+ Preamp (four channels)
Empirical Labs Distressor Compressors EL8X (stereo pair)

Pro Tools HD 8.0
Logic Pro 9
Final Cut Studio 2
Waves Platinum bundle
Celemony Melodyne

AKG C-1000S (2)
AKG C-3000B
AKG C 414 B-XL II/ST (matched stereo pair)
AKG D112
Audio Technia ATM33R (stereo pair)
Audix D2 (2)
Audix D4
Audix D6
Audix i5
Electro-voice RE-20
Marshall MXL 3000
Neumann U-87
Neumann KM184 (matched pair)
Rode NTK
Sennheiser 421 (2)
Sennheiser 441
Shure SM 57 (4)
Shure SM 58 (4)
Shure SM81
Shure Beta 87A

Musical Equipment - FREE WITH STUDIO TIME!

Silverface Fender Twin (1974)
Blackface Deluxe Reverb (RI)
Silverface Princeton Reverb (Early 1970's)
Fender CyberTwin
Marshall JCM2000 TSL Full Stack

Fender Telecaster (USA) 1999
Martin D42 Acoustic 6-string
Takamine Acoustic 12-String
Takamine Acoustic 6-String
Gibson ES335

Ernie Ball 5-String Stingray Bass
Fender Hot-Rod Precision Bass
Warwick 5-String Corvette Bass
Warwick fretless Bass

Yamaha C7 Acoustic Grand Piano
Hammond B3 w/ 122 Leslie
Wurlitzer 200A Electric Piano
Roland Phantom X-8 / 88 Keys
Yamaha Motif Rack ES Sound Module
Fender/Rhodes MK1 Stage 88 Piano
Yamaha DX7

5-Piece 22" Kick Tama RockStar Drum Set
5-Piece 22" Ludwig Maple Drum set (1970s Vintage)
Zildjian A-Custom Cymbals

We have excellent in-house engineers and we work with a wide variety of session musicians in the greater Miami area. We can arrange for world-class beat production, a producer or voice over talent for your project, and we can provide you with attractive lock-out rates and allow you to have total control and flexibility over your production.
Over the years, we’ve recorded almost every imaginable genre; however, our strengths include our ability to get a great live drum sound and our vocal signal chain is second to none!



Phone: 305-248-1009
Postal Address:
Redlands Studios
24200 SW 162 Ave
33031 Homestead 

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