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Trew Audio, Inc.

Trew Audio is devoted to the art of location sound recording for film and television. From our Nashville, Toronto and Vancouver offices, we sell, rent and service pro audio equipment for motion picture sound production in the United States, Canada and over 40 other countries worldwide.

We understand the urgencies of your profession. We know what it's like to feel the heat of the director on your back when they are losing daylight and your recorder develops a mind of its own.

We understand last minute changes, early call times, eight-page days, short turnarounds, wireless hits, plant mics, hiding lavs, jam-syncing, cross-resolving, sound carts, walla walla, T-power, pull-up, pull-down, and the dreaded "Waiting on Sound!"

That's why Trew Audio is the preferred choice of sound professionals worldwide looking for just the right equipment in this highly specialized field.



Phone: 615-256-3542
Postal Address:
Trew Audio, Inc.
220 Great Circle Road
37228 Nashville 

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