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AudioLot - Pro Audio Sales & Consulting

High end boutique pro audio sales and consulting services, including the representation of product lines such as A Designs Audio, SPL, Lynx Studio, Eventide and many more.

AudioLot was founded on the notion that the only products we should carry are the ones we own and use every single day in the studio to make records. This is also why when you speak to us, you'll find a wealth of knowledge about each and every piece of gear in our line.

We are committed to ensuring that our customers receive all the information they need to make accurate decisions for their studios.

AudioLot Studios

In addition to our pro audio sales and consulting division, AudioLot Studios is a full service recording and production facility located in Austin, TX.

From seasoned producers and engineers to an excellently trained and welcoming staff, AudioLot once again exceeds the competition. We provide reasonable rates and will be glad to work with you on blocks of time at a discount.

AudioLot also provides remote mixing solutions. No matter where you are in the world, we can accommodate you thanks to the power of the Internet. We'll provide you with your own directory on our FTP server where you can upload all of your tracks (we welcome people including demo mixes so we have an idea of what you envision for the end result). When we finish the mix, we'll upload it back to you in AIFF format.

Please give us a call with whatever you require, whether that is studio time, consulting solutions or if you just need some advice on what the next great piece of gear to add to your studio might be.



Phone: 512.686.2899
Fax: 818.276.0005
Postal Address:
4300 Lindo Loop
78681 Austin 

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