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Since 1984, German manufacturer SPL offers analog and digital audio signal processors for the professional sound and music production. Milestones of the company’s R&D history are the patented VITALIZER® sound optimization processor, the invention of the mother of all transient design tools, the TRANSIENT DESIGNER®, the launch of the world's first discrete 5.1 Surround Miking System ATMOS® 5.1 already in 1998 and the development of the SPL SUPRA op-amps with an unprecedented operating voltage of 120 Volt.

The SUPRA op-amps are the integral components of SPL's 120V Mastering Series product line which is setting new benchmarks in audio signal processing to outperform any existing analog or digital audio format.

In 2008 SPL formed a new team of software developers and accomplished the breakthrough in developing digital products without compromising sound quality. Thanks to a new approach in component modeling, the digital products finally met SPL's demands. With the advanced line of Analog Code® plug-ins, SPL makes its unique audio signal processors also available for all important digital platforms and formats and invites audio professionals to rediscover analog in any environment.



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SPL - Sound Performance Lab
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