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Since 1976 WindTech has manufactured the highest quality American made microphone windscreens on the market. They are available in 25 brilliant colors, and a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit most popular microphones. Using a proprietary non-heat manufacturing process, our windscreens are constructed from a specially developed hypo-allergenic, open-cell acoustical foam called SonicFoam.The use of SonicFoam permits the free passage of sound energy without altering the microphone's frequency response. While remaining acoustically transparent, our windscreens are engineered to reduce wind velocity which eliminates wind noise, pop noises and breath sounds. For anyone who wants to keep their investment secure, nothing protects an expensive microphone from dust, dampness and physical damage like an external windscreen. We were the first in the business and we've been perfecting our products for over two decades. Don't be fooled by imitations and imports. Look for the WindTech brand name and get the quality, durability and performance you deserve.

North American distributor of ARX Systems signal processing equipment.

ARX manufactures a complete line of professional tour grade signal processing equipment. Some products include graphic equalizers, transformer mic splitters, compressors, noise gates, pre-amps, rack mount mixers and direct boxes. The most recent addition is the Audibox Series, a complete range of precision tools designed to perform essential professional audio functions in an ultra compact, flexible package. 'Little (black) Blue boxes' for every audio toolbox! The Audibox Series features the USB DI, a transformer isolated USB Direct Box. Other models include microphone pre-amps, transformer balancers, splitters, signal combiners, headphone amp, and a mini compressor. All neatly assembled in a small durable box that will fit in the palm of your hand.



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