Altair Equipos Europeos Electrónicos SA
Products From The Current Range

As the pioneers of the FOH/MONITOR one magic switch convertible consoles, we are proud to introduce a step further in the multipurpose console concept: Convertible console without any switch.

Full specs, full features take the Altair CN-220 a step further in Audio Dynamic Processing.

Ease of operation, compact size, and full specs converge in the Altair NG-440 to make it a member of your effects processing rack.

Complement of the ALTAIR DA-410 Distribution Unit. 40 outputs.

The ALTAIR DA-410 is a compact high performance distribution amplifier/zone mixer/mic splitter.

The Digital Wireless Intercom system complete the well known E-200 intercom series, incorporating compatible functions as Call and mic facilities.

Compatibility to any party line intercom system.

All the components in the system incorporate a microcontroller to implement different tasks as Mic Killer, Remote all Buzzer switch-off, Mic Switch Latch or Push To Talk, Program Interrupt, etc.

MA Series multichannel amplifiers are designed to simplify and enhance modern distributed sound installations.

Our broad experience in the design and manufacture of high power amplifiers.

Bipolar design, cascode input with low open loop distortion an excellent transient response.

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