Microtech Gefell

Since 1928, Gefell has played a pivotal role in the development of condenser microphone technology. From the beginning with Georg Neumann’s original company, through the 2nd world war, the rise and fall of the Eastern Block, and then reunification, the small German company has courageously managed to ‘stay the course’ by developing new technologies while maintaining the hand-made tradition that has always set it apart.

Today, Gefell continues to set the pace with a superb range of microphones for recording, broadcast and sound reinforcement, along with offering a full compliment of test, measurement and instrumentation microphones.



Phone: ++49 (0)36649 882-0
Fax: ++49 (0)36649 882-11
Postal Address:
Microtech Gefell GmbH
D-07926 Gefell 

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