Professonal audio systems, voice alarm and sound systems for emergency purposes

UNITON-GROUP has aquired outstanding experience for more than 50 years and offers optimal solutions in the area of professional sound and voice alarm systems. Our customers profit from a comprehensive „Swiss made“ quality package of services that includes the production and trade with audio systems as well as the planning, commissioning and maintenance of special electroacoustic and digital systems according to international standards.

• Voice Alarm Control and Indicating Equipment" (VACIE) according to EN 54-16
• Sound systems for emergency purposes (s.s.e.p) according to EN 60849 standards
• DSP and processor controlled amplifier and audio systems
• Digital music and voice memory systems, information and advertising units
• Mixing consoles and mixer amplifiers
• Microphones, paging desks and remote controls
• Loudspeakers and accessories

Areas of application:

Professional audio systems for an efficient building evacuation in case of an emergency

• Administrative buildings, factories and industrial buildings
• Railway stations, trains, airports
• Department stores, shopping centers, supermarkets, boutiques
• Municipal houses and congress centers
• Churches and houses of prayer
• Theaters, multipurpose halls
• Schools/universities, education centers
• Sports grounds/stadia/halls, indoor swimming pools and open air pools
• Hotels, restaurants und tearooms, bars/clubs und lounges



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