MCAudioLab is the Italian leader manufacturer of h
Products From The Current Range

The TP1tp is a valve device dedicated for bringing together two facilities in one unit: It provides a high quality Mic preamp and D.I., suitable for any type of microphone or hi-Z source with the hi

The tube power supply MCAudioLab series (labeled 'tp' on all units equipped with) features, in general, more power and flexibility to achieve that big round (kick) bottom and silky/airy top.

Each channel features a line level input and a bypass switch. A peak program LED bargraph meter (-15dB, 0dB, +10dB) monitoring the output level. A further LED meter minitoring the input signal with

Mic Preamp The mic preamp section has all the features of the TP1tp (the single-channel tube powered mic preamp), a front-panel 1/4'' jack for an instrument input from an electric or electronic

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