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For all recording, mixing, and mastering engineers working in smaller listening environments and studios, this nearfield monitor offers a professional tool.

The advantages of the three-way system To authentically re-create the sound captured in a recording-particularly a recording of the human voice-an active three-way system was chosen.

Features Mid Sized 3-way System The most important part of the frequency spectrum is reproduced by a separate midrange driver Extremely low harmonic and intermodulation distortion

Application ideas Hotels and resorts can move the PAS 100 wireless speaker and microphone system around wherever needed for welcome receptions, corporate meetings, poolside events,

K8 Control Features Control Functions via K8 Power on/off, optional DSP all settings, thermal limiting, input current limiting, clip limiting, output voltage limiting, average output power limiting

Precision designed with Mathematically Modelled Dispersion ™ the twelve three series provide exceptionally linear pattern control through crossover making the series perfect for critical applications.

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