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At DPA we consider the manufacture of microphones for professional audio use to be a serious responsibility.

Audio professionals around the world, regardless of whether their business is the faithful reproduction of sound in a live environment, the recording of a unique performance or the capture of crystal clear sound for broadcast, depend on superior sonic quality, and they often get just one chance to succeed.

However, we do not settle for just making great microphones. Our mission is to manufacture microphone solutions for specific applications, and this lies at the heart of our entire design, development and production efforts.

Our design philosophy is to provide microphones without colouration. This transparency ensures the original sound is retained without compromise. There is simply nothing in the output that does not belong to the original source. The high sonic quality of our microphones offers more versatile and flexible solutions across a wide range of applications.
DPAís pedigree, both in terms of pro audio and Danish industry, is second to none, and we continue to work closely with musicians and audio professionals in developing microphones and accessories that go hand in hand to perfectly match the desired requirements.

For use in the studio, on stage, in the field and on location we are constantly developing a variety of stands, mounts, clips, holders, windshields, acoustic modification devices, power supplies and amplifiers to complement our mics. These accessories are ingeniously bundled with microphones across the entire DPA range to provide practical, neat solutions in kit form.
Microphone manufacturing at DPA is a precision craft, with work carried out to incredibly fine tolerances. As a result, our products are reliable, stable, predictable in operation and superbly specified. The highest quality of raw materials and
production methods ensure total reliability. The impressively wide dynamic range also means that even at high sound pressure levels, there is no need to worry about clipping or distortion from the microphones. Capsules are rigorously
tested to ensure extreme stability in all kinds of environments. Every studio microphone is supplied with an individual calibration chart, an electronic copy of which is retained by DPA for future reprints, computer aided matching and microphone service.

We are proud of our reputation for producing high quality products and for the audio integrity they achieve in crucial situations. Above all, we are committed to providing our customers with professional microphone solutions.



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DPA Microphones
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