MP TV Corporation, Dynamite

Ever wondered why musical instruments are of metal or wood and not plastic?

Tonal quality of metal is far better than that of plastic.
Then, why opt for plastic/fiber horns?
Dynamite is a brand owned by MPTV corporation, a company that has been
researching on audio and RF (radio frequency) technologies since 1973. In the course
of our research we have provided strategic technical inputs in speaker and amplifier
design to key global players. We were responsible for award winning designs that have
set benchmarks in performance.
Our passion for our work encouraged us to eventually launch a range of Aluminium Horns.
They have designed to give superior tonal quality than its plastic counterparts.

An excellent Cost to Quality ratio has always been our USP.

Another important attribute common to allour products is that they are engineered to withstand long hours of continuous useand harsh operating conditions.

We are located in Pune in India.
This area is famous for automobile production.
Mercedes, Volkswagen, General motors, FIAT have plants here.
Moreover, Indian giants like TATA (Owner of Jaguar & Land-rover) andBAJAJ (world's second largest two wheeler manufacturer) are located here.
So it is good location to make Aluminium horns or mechanical items.
Further this is very important city of software development in the world.
So the goods manufactured here are of high quality at lower cost.
Hope you will like to take advantage of this.



Phone: 91 20 26381752
Fax: 91 20 26385702
Postal Address:
MP TV Corporation
113, Bhawani Peth,
411042 Pune 

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