Found in 1998, SAE Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer dealing with the professional audio equipment in China, with core technology of designing and manufacturing professional high-quality power amplifier.

Up to now, SAE has owned three famous registered trade marks: SOUNDSTANDARD, LEXONPRO, FAMOUSOUND.

For over 10 years, SAE has extended factory from 30 square meters to 5000 square meters, later to the present 30,000 square meter, creating a legend in Chinese professional audio industry.

Along the company’s development, our product line has been continuous extended and technology is gradually rising. From the power amplifier, the line array system, to the remote control & transmission system on network digital audio based on the TCP/IP protocol; from the analogue acoustic products to the group system which is a combination of analogue digital electron, acoustics and network; from the analogue products, to the group digital and network products, SAE is going on the technical expansion in a gradual and orderly way.

On the other hand, SAE’s manufacturing system is continuous surpassing other competitors in aspect of technical level and company scale. SAE now has advanced automated production equipment like the SMT, reflow soldering, AI, wave soldering and ICT. Also we have a few top AP audio synthesized testing system, the whole producing and testing process is automated that can guarantee the reproduction capability on products more effectively. Strength on the technology and research, the firmed investment on the hardware and the long term closed relation with the European partners, gave SAE a solid foundation along the past 10 year’s development. Following with the completion of our new industrial park, we will meet next golden age in speedy development, so we can set SAE a leading role in China’s professional audio research and manufacture industry.

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Phone: +86-757-85129008
Fax: +86-757-85688191
Postal Address:
39, East, Wenjiao Road,
528200 Foshan 

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