K+H Klein+Hummel

The Philosophy of Klein + Hummel

The high standard of sound recording and sound reinforcement is due to some perfectionists, that worked indefatigable in research and development. Horst Klein and Walter Hummel belonged to that small group. 1945 they founded the company to find the perfect devices for perfect sound reinforcement.

Some years later the High-Fidelity-Age started, that was influenced strongly from Klein + Hummel. Very soon they found the necessities for equipment that was meant to be the best. Trying to get the perfect sound and product quality was the companies philosophy.

For every single employee it was a standard to serve customer need with the best and innovative audio technique. Not only for a perfect sound image, but also for reliability and safety of operation.

Some highlights and real pioneering were the worlds first multichannel loudspeaker "OY" and the first german ELA amplifier in HiFi quality, as well as the "DELTA-8-Beschallungssystem" .

Today Klein + Hummel demands to create the most modern products in sound reinforcement with innovative soultions made with unquestionable quaility.

Klein + Hummel guaranties that eyery single product will suit the needs, that the pro-audio world associates with the name Klein + Hummel.



Phone: +49513058480
Fax: +495130584811
Postal Address:
K+H Klein+Hummel
Auf dem Kessellande 4A
30900 Wedemark 

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