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CEDAR Audio Ltd

CEDAR Audio is the only company dedicated solely to audio restoration and speech enhancement for film, post, TV and radio broadcast, CD and DVD mastering, libraries and archives, and for audio forensic investigation.

Established in 1988 following five years of research funded by the British Library National Sound Archive (BLNSA) CEDAR Audio is based in Cambridge, UK, and retains strong academic links with Cambridge University, itself one of the world's leading centres for digital signal processing research. The company currently numbers two Cambridge University Professors and a Director of Studies among its Directors, further strengthening its ability to remain at the forefront of its field.

CEDAR Audio is committed to furthering the science and technology of audio restoration and speech enhancements in all its forms. It not only manufactures many products in these fields, but actively pursues research into new techniques in each of them.

Entertainment and broadcasting:

CEDAR's customers include the world's leading film companies, and in February 2005 the company's Engineering Directors were awarded an Academy Award® in recognition of its services in this field. Furthermore, tens of thousands of CDs and DVDs have been remastered using CEDAR, and innumerable broadcasts have benefitted from CEDAR's noise suppression systems.

Audio forensic investigation:

CEDAR supplies systems in the audio forensic field for police, security, anti-terrorism, air accident investigation, and some military applications. The company's technology has been used on many of the highest profile cases over the past fifteen years, and is installed in many of the best known (and many of the least known) forces and agencies in the world.

Libraries and archives:

With its background in the BLNSA, CEDAR is uniquely suited to providing solutions for national archives as well as smaller legacy and commercial archives. Consequently, libraries and archives all over the world rely on CEDAR for their most exacting restoration requirements.

Third-party and OEM projects:

CEDAR Audio has written software for numerous audio editing platforms as well as for high-end domestic audio systems. The company has also designed and manufactured audio hardware for OEM manufacturers, most notably for export from the UK to Japan.



Phone: 01223 881771
Fax: 01223 881778
Postal Address:
CEDAR Audio Ltd
20 Home End
CB21 5BS Cambridge 
United Kingdom

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