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R Productions Recording Studio

Pre and Post Production

We offer multi-track recording with a headhone monitoring system that gives you more of "You" while others get more of them. CD mastering, noise reduction, audio restoration and vinyl restoration. We have a Roland A-90, 88 Hammer action weighted key controller and Roland sound modules for a total of 2700 synthesized sounds for you to use as a sound source for your music. We also use the TC Electronic Finalizer for an extremely unmatched professional sound! Our professional audio system runs off a custom built Quad AMD x64 computer. We use Steinberg Wavelab with all the plugins required to give your audio that professional sound. Other brands of equipment include Yamaha, RME, MOTU, Focusrite, Tascam, Roland, Alesis, Aphex, Audix, KRK, Event Electronics, Audio Technica, Lexicon, Shure, Countryman, AKG and others.



Phone: 508-697-6668
Fax: 508-443-3460
Postal Address:
R productions Recording Studio
30 Ivy Circle
02324 Bridgewater 

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