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The QonnexONE system is specifically for musical recordings as it synchronizes monitor mixes and stores online recordings quickly, on the fly. The recorded takes are dragged directly from the system and snap into the proper position of the studio's sequencer software. Monitor mixes are sent to other connected partners. The system's talkback function works seamlessly over the internet, making it seem as if all session partners were present in one studio. The QonnexONE RMX makes multi-channel live recordings of vocal and instrumental tracks possible over the Internet.

The AB comparison function of the QonnexONE MX (for mastering studios) allows session partners to switch back and forth between two audio streams, allowing them to judge a mix or mastering track--live and in real time--in their own living room or studio listening environment. QonnexONE makes online mastering possible for the first time ever!

Session partners can also join each other in an webcam conference. Invited partners need only use their existing studio equipment, the system supports ASIO and Core Audio, and each participant can select an individual language.

In the web-based service area, the system can be customized with the studio's own logo, and it has a comfortable sound engineer interface. The hardware consists of a rack server with 16 AES I/O, and a 23" touch all-in-one PC which controls the system over a LAN connection.



Phone: +49 211 5180 9344
Fax: +49 211 5180 9346
Postal Address:
Qomtec AG
Schuesslerstrasse 16
40474 Duesseldorf 

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