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LINK S.r.l.

Link Srl, founded in 1987, with the aim of resolving cabling problems for Live Shows, is committed to the search for “ad hoc” solutions for the entertainment sector.
In fact, the contrast between the great attention given by services and artists to equipment like audio mixers, loudspeakers, lighting desks or lights, with respect to the cabling always being left for last (both in terms of solution finding and budget), often created huge difficulties to who had to resolve these problems on site.
Moreover, in those days the evolution of technology and the greater demand for equipment on stage was perceivable, as well as a consequent increase of audio and lighting signal distribution solutions. Not to mention the increasingly higher demand to speed up installation times without altering the health & safety aspects which were also more and more requested in those days.
This is how Link set up, its mission (never changed in years) is to enable the sector operators to find under the same umbrella all the equipment needed to connect audio, video and lighting systems, with particular attention to the “native” sector: audio, video and lighting cabling, but above all to be able to count on the support of professionals who have during the course of years combined their great experience on site to a deeper and deeper knowledge of technical solutions available on the market.
The eurocable brand features a wide range of cables specifically designed in order to satisfy the most varied Audio, Video and Lighting connection requirements for television and recording studios, theaters, live shows and cinema sets. Common features distinguishing all of our cables, are the great flexibility and good technical characteristics, as well as robustness.
The LK Connectors brand features circular multipin connectors for audio, lighting applications and for electricital conveyance. The LKA, LKH and LKS connectors derive from the military MIL5015 normative, and have been opportunely adapted and redrawn for the entertainment market needs.
The Power Link connectors offer the ideal solution for all situations where high current capacity and the safety of the operators are particularly critical.
Utilizing the experience made during Live shows, Link has also devoted itself to the search of innovative solutions for all sectors belonging to the entertainment world: from fixed installations in recording studios, Ob Van cabling, to famous theatres and Movie studios. Link range of products is nowadays able to satisfy the most sophisticated audio, video and light cabling needs.
In recent years two new companies have joined Link:
- Link USA Inc., based in Orlando, Florida, a highly sales oriented company with the specific mission to facilitate the introduction of Link products in the American market, already partly known in the U.S.
- LK Connectors, a company exclusively dedicated to the production of connectors and Link assemblies, already partly known in the U.S., to react more efficiently to the increased demand



Phone: +39 06227251
Fax: +39 06 22725225
Postal Address:
Link S.r.l.
Via di Tor Cervara, 173
00155 Rome 

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