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Wholegrain Digital Systems LLC

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Wholegrain Digital Systems creates and manufactures high precision, digital audio signal processors that are sold under its own Wholegrain Digital brand. The company also creates products for some of the most prestigious professional audio companies in the world.

Incorporated in 2008, Wholegrain Digital Systems is driven by the vision of Duane K. Wise, a researcher into the mechanism of musical perception and how digital signal processing can be used for control without degradation. His Dynamic Parametric Equalization or DynPEQ, is an extension of both traditional dynamics processors and parametric equalizers that allows for dynamic control of parametric bands without the typical downsides of distortion, perceived pumping and noise modulation.



Phone: 303-443-7905
Postal Address:
Wholegrain Digital Systems LLC
2201 Pearl St, Suite 311
80302 Boulder 

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