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EmbracingSound AB

EmbracingSound, the new stereo and surround technology, brings the experience of the movie theater or recording venue to your home, all from a single loudspeaker unit. Effortlessly blending design simplicity with the highest standards of audio excellence, EmbracingSound is perfectly suited for the most demanding high-end audio applications as well as for any product where a cost effective Green technology and an Embracing Sound is desired.

The technology is provided in three packages all with different features suitable for different products:

The basic version of the technology that for large speakers are the golden reference of the technology.

EmbracingSound Theatre:
Utilizing an array of speakers making the technology suitable for soundbar applications.

EmbracingSound Theatre HD:
While the speaker array is identical to the previous version it has the added capability of discrete 5.1 or 7.1 input for better definition of the surround content.



Phone: +46-8-522 05790
Fax: +46-221-106 90
Postal Address:
EmbracingSound AB
Signalhornsgatan 124
656 34 Karlstad 

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