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Sound gives TV pictures the energy and excitement that movement alone can never convey.

Formed as a microphone manufacturer in 1964, Calrecís reputation for build quality, reliability and audio performance has made it an industry benchmark across the world.

Consistently pushing technology barriers, the Apollo platform introduced Bluefin2, the next generation of award-winning Bluefin technology. It provides over 1000 channel processing paths on just one DSP card. For surround sound mixing it is the industryís most advanced and economical solution.

Now, broadcasters demand even more versatility and integration from their audio equipment, and in this technologically progressive era TV companies want to ensure that their systems can produce programmes efficiently and to required specifications. For their audio systems to achieve this, greater consideration has to be given to their networks as a whole, and how efficiently they can be controlled. Calrec has designed its range of consoles to meet these demands.

In the Apollo, Artemis and Summa consoles and the Hydra2 network, Calrec provides an intelligent solution for easily sharing network I/O resources and control data.

For putting sound in the picture, broadcasters trust in Calrec.



Phone: +44 1422 842159
Fax: +44 1422 845244
Postal Address:
Calrec Audio
Nutclough Mill
HX7 8EZ Hebden Bridge 
United Kingdom

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