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JK Audio has been building telecom audio interface products for the broadcast and pro sound industry since 1992. We offer studio and remote gear for radio interviews, talk shows, live remotes, sports broadcasts and podcasts. We offer a wide variety of telecom interfaces for IFB feeds, from belt packs to hybrids in SAT and ENG trucks. We get audio in and out of analog telephone lines, digital PBX systems, even mobile phones equipped with Bluetooth Wireless Technology.

JK Audio features over twenty CE marked telecom audio interface products for your radio, TV or conference applications. From Broadcast Host, the lowest priced digital hybrid anywhere, to our feature packed innkeeper series digital hybrids.

While many of our international dealers have represented JK Audio for several years, there are still a few countries without distribution. We welcome new dealer relationships where we do not have existing arrangements.



Phone: +1 815-786-2929
Postal Address:
JK Audio
1311 E 6th Street
60548 Sandwich 

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