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Using the most advanced technologies such as oven-controlled oscillators, 64 bit DSP and sample rates up to 384 kHz, Antelope's master clocks significantly improve the sound quality in the connected devices. These master clocks cover all audio and video standards. Our flagship product, Trinity, offers 3 audio generators with varispeed and up to 384 kHz sample rates; 3 SD and 3 HD video generators simultaneously. 9 generators running in perfect sync! And for the most demanding customers we even offer an Atomic Clock.

Leading Mastering Studios in NY and LA Upgrade to Antelope.

"When we did our listening tests, I could really hear the difference. The sonic transparency, depth and definition resulting from the test were very apparent. Blind A/B tests proved to me, and to all of our engineers, that this is the best clocking device we have ever heard.” said Vlado Meller, Universal Mastering NY’s Chief Engineer

Universal’s Peter Doell exclaimed, “The sonic improvement was far from subtle. The stereo image was suddenly, dramatically, and extremely 3-D. The top end was not at all ‘digital-ly’ sounding, but extremely smooth and pleasing. What was more interesting and unique-sounding to me was the bass. Instead of the bass merely ‘tightening’ up, suddenly the bass sounded immeasurably more realistic – with the pitch of each note being outstandingly clear. In a nutshell, the material we listened to – which already sounded extremely good – was taken to a superior place. Put simply, triple freakin’ wow.”

“Antelope Audio products provide a strong foundation for any serious studio,” explained Audio Agent president, Dave Christenson. “Professionals spend thousands of dollars on their digital workstations and recording equipment. But without the very best sync source, their studio’s output is compromised.” Audio Agent’s Blue Wilding added, “When I demonstrate the difference this single piece of equipment can make, it’s not subtle; top professionals are instantly converted. Many express regret at not having discovered Antelope gear sooner.”



Phone: +44 20 8133 8355
Fax: +44 20 3002 7275
Postal Address:
Antelope Audio
L1024 London 
United Kingdom

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