Celebrating First-Hand Professional Audio Information

Dear Reader,

The internet today is not what it used to be when we started PROAUDIOGUIDE. Ten years ago, people only needed to find the most relevant in the ever growing flood of information.

Today, we all have also to deal more and more with distraction. For example in social networks which, struggling to monetize, focus more and more on advertising.

At PROAUDIOGUIDE we are happy not to have these problems. We do not have to track our users; we are seeking to avoid inappropriate ads. Because we know what our users are looking for and we have that information right at hand!

Today, with more than 3500 listed companies, PROAUDIOGUIDE is a product catalogue, a virtual exhibition, a business directory, an up-to-date news source and a place to start communication - it is what you make of it!

First-Hand Professional Audio Information

The new slogan stands for our innovative concept featuring information published directly by brands and businesses. Our new CONNECT-ACCESS platform helps companies regardless of size to publish information. At ZERO COST, because we want to provide you the most comprehensive information available in one place!

Now that we introduced a wealth of new opportunities for businesses, our eleventh year will see just as many innovative new features for our users. We got some surprises coming up, register to stay tuned and follow us on twitter!

Harald Hohl


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